Services that define Luxrica

Luxrica is a Singapore based limited company with the grassroots from well established companies. Luxrica have recruited and continues to hire professionals in each and every segment in order to keep the right focus.  Our teams are lead  by four experienced directors who have established themselves in the global market working with partners and companies from different industries.


Ship Handling

LUXRICA works as handling agents and protective agents of many luxury cruises and cargo vessels sailing to top destinations like Maldives, Seashells, Greece. Our professional teams are well trained to offer services like, fuel supply, bunkering and more.

Travel & Tours

Our Luxury Travel Department is working with the latest technology and in partnership with well-known tour operators, Travel Agents, Resorts and Hotels to offer the best of Luxury accommodation and services available all around the World. With our associate company Reinvent Maldives Pvt Ltd (DMC) located in one of the worlds known luxury travel destination, we are able to offer exceptional packages and service to our clients from the destinations we market.

Charter Flights

With IATA certified experts in our team. We work with international tour operators and Airlines to operate charter flights to from different destinations like Maldives, Hongkong, Singapore, Nepal, Switzerland, Italy, UK and Japan.


Singapore being a trade Hub, our experienced traders keep a close eye in the market and are building a reputation in commodities trade market. We have worked with worlds top Commodity trading firms. With combines effort of our logistics and financial partners, Luxrica can provide custom solutions for the energy commodity trade.


We have years of experience in Ecommerce industry. Our Partner Reinvent Madives Pvt Ltd is the pioneer of ecommerce solutions in Maldives, establishing first online food delivery service dating back 2009, to Online Shopping Malls Flower Shops, Electronic Stores, Fashion Stores, Shoe Stores, Deals Websites and even our very own Online payment Center Cowrie Pay.

Engine Parts

Luxrica is a leading supplier of Original marine engine spare parts for the shipping industry. Our partners have years of experience in the industry, with one of the largest inventories. Our major partners are from Japan, USA, UAE, EU Countries, Japan and China.

At Luxrica we pride ourselves on giving customers complete support on all our services.

Around the Clock

Our services are available 24 hours around the clock.

Customer Data

Our Customers data are maintained systematically, that company runs itself while our officials are well informed about history of our value customers.

Contact us

Our Helplines are open for you to reach and talk to us even about minor issues.

At Luxrica we pride ourselves on giving customers complete support on all our services.

We want our business to grow but we recognize that growth at the expense of people or the environment is both unacceptable and commercially unsustainable. Sustainable growth is the only acceptable model for our business.